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Prabhakar Ballapalle

Technical Leader

LSI Research, Bangalore, India

Ajeet Mall

Senior Engineer, Analog Devices, Bangalore, India




With the advancement of science especially in the field of Mind-body medicine, currently there is growing openness towards scientific study of spirituality and its effect on health. Biofeedback is becoming popular as alternative medicine and many biofeedback products have come into the market. With the increasingly precise and powerful instruments, studies from several disciplines have now provided corroboration that meditation is not a merely placebo, that it provides substantial and long term health, positive feelings of well-being and peak performance. In contrast to the biofeedback that gives awareness to the person using electronic instruments about improvement of health, meditation is primarily for the spiritual realization - better health being an immediate side effect. This paper presents a comparative study of both methods in terms of safety and cost; it brings out the superiority of mantra meditation as a most effective, safe and recommended process for all the humanity in this era.