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5. Conclusions


Conclusions from science with respect to time dimension are as follows: We are seeing the Universe as it was in the past and we do not know what is happening at this moment far away from the Universe, thereby emphasizing basic limitation of sensory perception. Uncertainty principle and Entropy are responsible for time asymmetry in nature. All three arrows of Time - i.e., Thermodynamic, Psychological and Cosmological - point towards the same direction. Scientists do not know what were the initial conditions of the Universe that account for its low initial entropy. Backward time travel is not possible according to Science. We are given only 50 - 150 milliseconds to decision making or vetoing our actions. According to existing advances in Science, Time is not an Emergent Entity whereas Space is. In science, space and time are fundamental entities, based on which other variables are being defined. Hence, the purview of science to completely define and understand time dimension is very much limited. Therefore, Science is unable to answer the question "Why ?" for time dimension and is able to answer the question "How ?" to a limited extent.Conclusions from the explorations of philosophy are as follows: Divergent sets of philosophical theories on Time are available. Philosophical theories speculate on the nature of time that may or may not take insights from science. Without relations to reality, philosophy can drive sentimentalism. Philosophy cannot be ignored in developing a concise theory of time. This is due to the fact that science itself has its limitations to conceptualize time dimension and Non-mathematical aspects of nature such as time can be addressed with philosophical insights.


Vedanta infers that Time and Space are Correlated and Fundamental in nature.


Conclusions from spirituality on time dimension are as follows: . Time Dimension conveys the existence of God or spiritual potency in Nature. Time has Multiple Dimensions in Experience and exists to regulate and refine consciousness of living entities towards God. Christianity conveys linear concept of time rather than a cyclic approach. However, Christianity also advocates that God is eternal and beyond the time dimension. Islam also advocates the importance of time in understanding the purpose and meaning of one's existence. All these three disciplines emphasize the great value of time in approaching and understanding God, its nature and one's relationship with it.Based on these general conclusions, one can understand that the purpose and meaning of time dimension is more explicitly revealed in spirituality rather than in philosophy and science.Scientific endeavor to understand time dimension and its purpose without any relevance to consciousness and its primacy is equivalent to the effort of an insignificant ant to understand completely the nature of a house.