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2.9 Time dimension and neural mechanisms


...time dimension exists as a basic deterrent in the decision making of human being   to  act  in  a  good


The classical concept of free will is that a person is aware of deciding to act freely first and then the body initiates the action. However, Libet et al. [13] have conveyed    the    conception    in    a

quantitative way and have inferred that the brain events involved in initiating free choices are only about 300 - 500 milliseconds (ms) before we are aware of the choice. Very few actions can be inhibited within 300 ms. Later, Lau et al. [14] reported serious errors in the measurements provided by Libet. et al. [13] due to the interference of experimentation in the decision making process. The authors conveyed that the perceived onset of intention may be only as late as 120 ms and in some cases not more than 50 ms. In such cases, patients have no problem to control or veto their conscious actions. These observations indicate that a man has very limited time frame to decide upon his due course of action and nature puts a severe constraint in the execution of the free will of a man. In other words, time dimension exists as a basic deterrent in the decision making of human being to act in a good way and things can be beyond the control of human beings at times in deciding for things that may ruin his/her character.