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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Soul Science God Philosophy > Science and Spiritual Quest > Section 3 Physics, Cosmology and Beyond > TIME DIMENSION: EXPLORATION FROM SCIENCE > 2. Explorations from Science > 2.6 Big-bang and time dilemma

2.6 Big-bang and time dilemma is unable to convey the exactness and purpose of time dimension in microscopic and nanoscopic systems and how the micro-world is related to the macro-world through the medium of time.


Big-Bang theory advocates that the big expansion that happened during the initial stages of the Universe occurred at a time period of 1043 seconds [9]. Big-Bang theory fails to explain what happened in time dimensions of less than 10~43 seconds and hence is insufficient to explain the existence and order of the Universe from zero time dimension. In other words, time dimension can be regarded to be analog till the minimal dimension of 10'43 seconds from which it has to be regarded as digital but not continuous.