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2.2 Space-time conception and circular Time


Einstein [3] conceptualized that the space-time domain is continuous but not flat due to the influence of gravity. He hypothesized the convention that space-time is curved/warped by the distribution of mass and energy in it. Therefore, space and time do get affected by the events that happen in the universe (force/gravity). Prior to Einstein's view, time was represented mathematically to be a continuum in linear dimension by Newton, Barrow, Leibnitz, Locke and Kant. Godel [4] further supported Einstein's space-time curvature conception by proposing new solution to the following Einstein's field equation of gravitation in one dimension:


Rik ~-8ikR = %™Puiuk + Agik


The solution proposed by Godel [4] refers to the following assignment for various parameters in the above equation:


—— = %mcp,  X = — = -4*KJC

a1      2a2


The sign of the cosmological constant X is the opposite of that occurring in Einstein's static solution and corresponds to a positive pressure. In other words, the equations of Einstein's theory of general relativity allowed closed loops of proper time. These loops allow one to move continuously in time until one arrives in the past conveying that one can meet one's old younger self if one travels backward with time.