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2.11 Conclusions of explorations from Science


Based on presented analysis and observations from science, the following questions remain to be answered with respect to time dimension:


a) Why does time dimension exist? Science answers that it exists for us to become hungry and eat food. This answer is very vague and cannot be comprehensive to answer the general question.

b) Why does time arrow exist? Science once again answers that intelligent life cannot survive without this arrow. Once again the answer lacks broad reasoning.

c) Why is time arrow apparent in macroscopic processes but not in microscopic processes?

d) What fundamental relationships exist between physical, psychological and cosmological arrows of time with other multiple arrows of time?

e) Does time exist in the smallest region of space? If so, how?

f) What happened and happens during Planck's era?

g) Is time travel not at all possible?


AS 11 can oe easny anaiyzeu, science involves time as a fundamental entity and defines all other terms such as velocity, acceleration, flux etc. in terms of this fundamental entity. So based on the application of Godel's theorem,   the   ability   of  science   to conceptualize and convey a broad reasoning for time dimension is beyond the jurisdiction and paradigm of science. In other words, science has a basic inability to convey the broad purpose and meaning behind the existence of time dimension in nature.Another critical observation from scientific theories is that the models that have been formulated so far to understand science do not incorporate consciousness and its role in understanding time dimension. There could be intimate relationships between consciousness and physical time, but significant effort has not been directed towards this noble and important cause, because of consciousness not regarded to be a primal and important aspect of nature, and inability of modern science to completely understand and conceptualize consciousness. has a basic inabilty to covey the broad purpose and meaning behind the existence of time dimensin in nature.