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2.10 Emergence of time dimension


Conventionally, there are two different theories about the emergence of time. The first one holds the proposition that both time and space are emergent entities from micro-substrate (similar to sound emergence from molecules). This case is strongly supported by string theory where the conception of space-time is doomed and somewhere time and space have to emerge. The second theory upholds the information believed by many physicists that only space is emergent entity while time is not. This is due to the fact that time dimension has an arrow (as explained earlier) and manipulations cannot be easily done for time intervals as we can do for space intervals in extending the string theory [15]. This is further supported by the argument that holds true that in physics we have unitary time evolution and we are able to predict the future existence from the past.


Based on these observations and facts, it has to be agreed that the second theory upholds from our basic observations to date and there is lack of proper validation from string theory in this direction, taking into account the direction or arrow of time which is not existing for space dimension.