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1. Introduction


Understanding meaning and purpose behind the existence of time dimension in nature is vital in relating conscious acts and physical world. Time dimension has been investigated for more than 5000 years by different philosophers, scientists and spiritualists who contributed their views for the development of a unified theory that could explain its inherent and hidden nature in a coherent

way. Some of the queries related to understanding time dimension are: What time actually is?; Does time exist when nothing is changing?; What kinds of time travel are possible?; Why time has an arrow and how different arrows are linked?; Is the past real or unreal?; Did time exist before big-bang or the creation of the universe?; Is time infinite?; What special role time plays in reasoning? and What neural mechanisms account for the experience in time? Since some of these queries are fundamental and are difficult to address, it appears that these queries could get resolved by the development of a unified theory of time dimension from viewpoints expressed by different disciplines namely science, philosophy and spirituality.The objective of this paper is to assimilate viewpoints conveyed by science, philosophy and spirituality to understand and conceptualize time dimension. A further objective of the paper is to identify convergent and divergent set of theories and their authenticity based on the principles of science. Finally, the paper looks forward to critically examine the development of unified theory integrating different fields of study to understand time dimension and emphasize anticipated research in this field.