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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Soul Science God Philosophy > Science and Spiritual Quest > Section 3 Physics, Cosmology and Beyond > SYNTHESIS OF VEDIC AND MODERN COSMOLOGY > 4. The time scales in nature > 4.2 Lord Brahma steals cows

4.2 Lord Brahma steals cows


When Lord Krishna was on Earth and tending cows along with cowherd boys, Lord Brahma out of curiosity stole the cowherd boys and the calves. Lord Krishna could immediately understand what had happened and he manifested himself as the missing cowherd boys and calves and went home. Gopis started loving the cowherd boys much more than before. Cows loved the calves in an unusual way. Thus a year passed on Earth in the village of Vrindavan which is in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Brahma stole the calves and the cowherd boys only for a fraction of second, while on Earth one year. Later Lord Brahma could understand that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself and he begged His pardon as shown in Figure 9. It is obvious that without the relativity of space-time such weird events will not take place. This is meant to emphasize that the statements given in vedic literatures have to be taken in a right perspective, then only they present much richer information, of course not in the form of modern mathematics but in the form of an information [18].


Similarly it is mentioned in Bhagavat Puran that Brahma's life is just for a fraction of second if compared to that in Goloka the eternal abode of Lord Krishna [19].But as far as the spatial details are concerned it is very difficult to analyze because of the metaphoric language used. Over a long period of time many changes have taken place in the structure of the Earth itself, therefore it is not wise to go into this subject without proper research. A preliminary work in this direction is described in [20].