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3.1.1 The first stage of creation


In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says 12:


mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram hetunanena kaunteya jagad viparivartate Iranslation:


This material nature, which is one of My energies, is working under My direction, O son of Kunti, producing all moving and nonmoving beings.á Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again 12."


Due to this supreme cause only, the activities of material nature appear planned and systematic and all things move in an orderly manner.Vedanta declares that the Personality ofáááá Godhead,ááááá byááááá Hisááááá different energies,ááá createsááá thisááá phenomenal world.áá Ináá theáá Bhagavad-Gita,áá itáá is saidáá thatáá theáá materialáá energyáá isáá a manifestationáá ofáá oneáá ofáá theáá many energiesááá ofááá theááá Supreme.áááá These inconceivableáá creativeáá energiesáá are theááá naturalááá characteristicsááá ofááá the Absolute ááTruth.áá Throughoutáá alláá the manifestations of the material nature there is the hand of the Supreme Lord.áá Dueá toá thisá supremeá causeá only,áá theá activitiesá of material natureá appear planned and systematic,á and allá things move in an orderly manner. There are different levels of realities in the creation.Theá creationá startsá with purusaá manifestationsá whichá areá plenary expansioná of Lordá Krishna.áá Theyá areá Mahaá Visnu,á Garbhodakasai Visnu & Ksirodakasai Visnu, where the preceding one is the source of the latter. The three stages of creation are shown in Figure 4 14.Maha Visnu resides in the causal ocean and through his skin pores innumerable universes keep coming and with his inhalation numerous of them enter his body again. Here ocean does not imply a water body rather it is a metaphor for an unexplainable thing. As shown in Figure 4 this is the first stage of creation. In the next stage Maha Visnu expands himself into innumerable forms as Garbhodakshai Visnu and enters into these innumerable universes. In every universe, expansion of Garbhodakasai Visnu as Khirodakasai Visnu enters into each and every particle and as Super Soul in the heart of every living being. This completes the first stage of creation.


"Nature exists as the equilibrium of three material modes, which pertain only to nature, not to transcendental spirit soul. These modes- goodness, passion and ignorance- are the effective cause of the &eatim,áá maintenanceá and am"Figure


3.1.2á Theá secondá stageá of creation

(Creation of Mahat-tattva, Junction between Matter and Spirit)


Theá nextá stageá of creationá involvesáá formationá ofá mahat-tattvaá as shown in Figure 5.Thus as the scientists speculating today about the existence of multi universe the same is described in vedic literatures.We can see in Figure 5 that the most primitive state of matter, called Pradhana, is the non-manifest state of matter. This is acted upon by the three modes of material nature to produce an intermediate state of matter known as Prakriti. Maha Visnu impregnates it with small innumerable spirit-souls which were termedáá asáá spiritonáá byáá T.D.áá Singháá [13].faction of these spiritons with the prakriti leads to the formation of Mahat-which is the manifest and active state of primordial matter and can be ired to the solution of water and sugar. At this stage formation of particles,suhri in the creation of tnis animated universe, takes place and different subtlgF0SS elements manifest, wherein the grosser ones manifest from the

bee mžn named this process 'big vision' instead of big-bang s Process has its ultimate purpose, contrary to the modern big-bang which itself is left to chance, and in due course of expansion, human evolution takes place purely by chance. The idea of big vision is not contradictory to the idea of big-bang, rather it is much richer and conveys the same idea as big-bang but with a purpose behind it: nothing is left to chance or to a totally random phenomenon. Thus as the scientists are speculating today about the existence of multi-universe, the same is described in vedic literatures [14]. Garbhodakasai Visnu also creates Lord Brahma who in turn creates the body of different living beings for the first time, starting from the simplest ones and ending with the most complex ones in a chronological order over a period of time. Thus lord Brahma is the chief engineer of the universe.Thus we see from the description above that multi-universe, big-bang ideas are embedded into the description of the vedic cosmology and directly or indirectly take places according to a planning.