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3. Vedic literatures gulp or treasure house of information


...synthesis of modern cosmology and ancient wisdom remains a major challenge...


In fact, the vedic literatures, which once were thought to be very primitive and to contain mythologies, are appearing to be more logical and to contain a lot of information about the universe. Many stories mentioned in the vedic literatures - which once were thought to be a lunatic crackpot- are taking shape in modern science, e.g. hibernation gene, cloning, test tube babies, genetic bioengineering, surrogate motherhood, theory of relativity, hologram, organ growth from stem cells. They may be thought of as imagination of people of that time but that is only a dogmatic view. The rise and fall in society is a cyclic phenomenon and development has reached its peak in the past and will reach the peak again in the future. In fact the vedic literatures give descriptions of various scientific methods for preparing electric cells, surgery, airplane science, metallurgy, cosmology etc [11]. It won't be an exaggeration to say that vedic literatures describe the universe and its constituents in simplest ways, some of which are meant for the day-to-day astrological calculations for various religious rituals. Vedas state that this universe has to be understood through vedas only because human beings have inherent limitations, which will not allow them to ever get the correct picture of this nature. But problems with the vedic literatures are that they do not speak the scientific language that we understand. These need to be translated in terms of modern scientific language or we have to change the paradigm of thinking. It is unfortunate that these literatures have suffered the prejudice of neo-modernism of Indians itself over the last few centuries at least. If given proper attention it is certain that we shall be able to comprehend this universe much better if not in its entirety. Thus synthesis of modern cosmology and ancient wisdom remains a major challenge, and if we are able to meet this challenge perhaps paradigm shift in science will automatically take place. Below, the vedic view of creation and cosmology is presented.