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2.1 Weirdness of Homeopathic Medicine


This article in no way tries to demean science and elevate the vedas. It rather looks for synergy between the ancient and the modern science. This will try to present the various differences of opinion between these two streams which, if resolved, may lead to the better understanding of the cosmos. In fact, in modern cosmology we face many startling observations in the nature favoring the way vedas describe the constitution of matter. The best sought example is homeopathic medicine, although today it remains quite controversial and is labeled as placebo effect. But still it will be worth understanding what homeopathic medicine is.


The homeopathic medicines come in powers like 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 3C, 6C, 30C, 200C, 1000C, 1CM. The bases of the homeopathic medicine can be lactose tablets or it can be prepared in water or alcohol. What do these notations mean? The notation 6X means that the active substance is diluted 1:10 in a water-alcohol mixture and shaked vigorously. This procedure (diluting and shaking) is repeated sequentially six times. Figure 3 shows the shaking process. Currently this process is duplicated by machine. The concentration of the active substance is then one part in ten raised to the sixth power (106), or one part per million [3] in the 6X potency medicine.It puzzles us because there is no active element in the diluted solution still it has having curing potency.

And what is about 200C? That means the active   substance   is   sequentially   diluted 1:100 and followed by shaking; this process is repeated two hundred times. That would leave one molecule of the active substance to every one hundred to the two hundredth power molecules of solvent, or 1 followed by four hundred zeroes (10400). But the total number of atoms in the entire

universe is estimated to be about one googol, which is 1 followed by a mere onehundred zeroes.Thus a preparation of 200C will not even contain a single molecule. The CM potency is further diluted and is having the highest curing power for curing especially the chronic diseases.Here lies the problem. It puzzles us because there is no active element in the diluted solution, still it has having curing potency. How is that possible? There is no answer to this in modern science and therefore, this is rejected and labeled as placebo effect.


Unlike modern science which takes the bottom up approach, the vedic science takes the top down approach and may provide solution to this problem if efforts are concentrated in researching in conjunction with vedic knowledge database. According to vedic texts, gross matter has at its hub five basic elements ether, air, fire, water and Earth. These are the five basic elements entering into all the elements in the nature [4].