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6. Theistic Paradigm, Top Down Laws and Wider Varieties of Fundamental Elements in Modern Science


As a concluding remark I would like to say that we must look for the possibility of theistic paradigm within the framework of modern science. Interestingly most of the pillars of modern science like Newton, Einstein, Faraday, Pasteur, Thomspon, Compton, Max Born, Kelvin were believers of God. They had scientific reasons for believing in God. Therefore, it will be worthwhile scientific exercise to develop a science of God and develop laws of nature (some of them mathematical) around the theistic paradigm. Mathematical laws around the Srlmad Bhagavatam paradigm have to be top down laws (may be integrated with bottom up approach) where Supreme Person (God) has role in the functioning of nature at different scales viz. from sub-atomic to galaxies.

As fundamental ingredients of nature, we need to accept broader varieties of entities like consciousness (as described in vedantic literatures). This will require different kinds of laws as envisioned by Neils Bohr (quoted earlier). Einstein used to praise thermodynamics for its simplicity. Inclusion of wider varieties of fundamental element and top down laws may lead to simpler and more elegant description of nature.