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6. Summary


From scientific experiments, we know that there are at least four levels of waking consciousness based on four types of brain waves - alpha, beta, theta and delta. Alpha waves predominate during meditation. Carl Jung postulated that in the delta brainwave pattern we connect with the collective unconscious shared by all humans. A feeling of unity or oneness is experienced in delta. There is some scientific evidence that continued meditation decreases the anxiety provoking beta waves  and  increases  the other three.   Continued  meditation transforms the collective (cosmic) consciousness as well - especially the spiritual Samashti Chetana, which can also be seen as unfolding at least four distinct stages. However, it is not very easy to design a Samashti Chetana experiment.In spiritual traditions of India, the spiritual Samashti Chetana manifest four stages, namely Virata, Hiranygarbha, Avyakrita and Paramchaitanya. Realisation of these stages can come through Sadhana or Antarang Bhakti. Attainment of these stages may not be usefully measured by surrogates as they will tell only the physical-chemical or 'system' changes. However, an enlightened Master may be able to identify and tell the presence of a certain consciousness of the cosmic order. When an individual begins to understand that his physical form and personality are separated from bigger consciousness, the journey of collective consciousness begins through intense meditation. The drive for seeking out the collective comes from the desire to understand the latter which is not separated from the Supreme One in essence. The initial stages of realization of the Samashti Chetana can be very intense emotionally. However, if the Acharya or Guru is kind, the seeker begins to see the enlightened being in all life forms - limitless and yet covering the whole universe, the Virata. Processes other than meditation and Bhakti do not go beyond the perception of Virata.


When the seeker advances a little more in his realization, he encounters the supreme creator in all his glory and opulence - the Hiranygarbha. If the seeker wishes so, at this stage he can yield tremendous social and interpersonal power. The next stage in the realization of the Samashti is the universal wisdom of Avyakrita (sometimes referred to as Akshara) which can be compared with Buddha's Nirvana, a cosmic consciousness which is free from all perturbances and contaminations. In plain language, this is the stage when a seeker matures in the knowledge of God as all pervading One as well as at the self of all (Paramatmd). The supreme consciousness {Paramchaitanya) follows by the compassion and grace of the Guru.