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5. Other Forms of Collective Consciousness


This paper has so far discussed the omnipresent aspects of collective consciousness seen through the eyes of macrocosmic spirituality. The discussion of collective consciousness remains somewhat incomplete if the popular notions of collective consciousness are not addressed at all. In social psychology and modern management alike, collective consciousness deals with social rights, justice, and centralized power systems. In fact, these are parts of collective universal consciousness as they befall the human beings as social participants. The problem with such notions of collective consciousness is they tend to be more born out of a value system rather than making an attempt to transcend both the strengths and weaknesses of the value system. Even the liberated ones have to live in an interdependent society where social aspects of collective consciousness are highly conditioned and can be very severe at times e.g., the court system. Therefore, the message of the enlightened masters have always been the one that is cognizant and serviceful of the social needs, where at the same time, is encouraging of the unfoldment of skills that are spiritual and permanent.