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4. Avidya


Many treatises in Hinduism refer to Avyakrita or Akshara with 'Avidya' or ignorance. This is because the Avyakrita is a source of everything - Vidya (knowledge) or Avidya alike. I have not used these terms in that negative sense of illusion or Avidya. In order to keep this paper from being very lengthy, I have used these terms as the unmanifest and causal potency of Tshvara or Purushottama', the Supreme reality. There is no tainting of the slightest bondage or conditioning here yet. The perfect fulfillment of spiritual emancipation is represented by the cryptic consciousness of Avyakrit. The emphasis is on non-destructiveness of the truth.There is a fourth state of collective consciousness just like the 'Turiya' state of individual consciousness. The fourth and final stage of collective consciousness is 'Parama Chaitanya' or supreme consciousness (sometimes referred to as the 'Nirmal Chaitanya'). While this consciousness can be attained spontaneously, as evidenced from the life of great world teachers, it is much easier to enter this consciousness by Guru's grace. Trust me, being showered by grace is also Science - the science of knowing the Supreme, the 'Paravidya'.