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3. Methods to Attain Higher Collective Consciousness


What is the methodology to unfold such a collective consciousness? The short answer is meditation and knowledge. One can take the path of devotion as well. In both cases, realizations by a number of seekers confirm the existence of the realities. It is very important that seekers not only meditate or devote themselves individually - there must be collective realization of the collective truth. When a meditative path is taken, both a perfect balance and a super insight unfold. The seeker needs to adhere to the methodology taught by the master and practiced by the meditative community. The sound support of 'mantra' of meditation becomes more and more purified as the seeker advances in the collective realities. The other method, i.e. the one of devotion or dedicated service to God, is somewhat quicker if properly followed. However the risks and conditions of discontinuation arise from all directions if one is not careful. Steadfastness and

true knowledge along with a constant focus cannot be given up even for a short period of time until one is emancipated.