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A. K. Mukhopadhyay

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India




Consciousness researcher is requested to be clear on what consciousness he is working on! Is it on system-bound consciousness, self-consciousness or consciousness-as-such?  Neurocentric consciousness, consciousness which is confined to the brain, is an example of system-bound consciousness. Self-consciousness relates to 'self of all self-organizing systems  where self could work independent of the system and also through consciousness bound to the system. Consciousness-as-such is unconditional and non-dual consciousness which is  non-negotiable and seems impenetrable!Consciousness-as-such is ontological consciousness which forms the ground independent of any fore-ground or background. It is responsible for both  system-bound consciousness and self-consciousness. System-bound consciousness is epistemic consciousness and is responsible for sensory and phenomenal experience by the system.  Self-consciousness bridges the ontological and epistemic consciousness and is responsible for phenomenology.These three consciousness(es) relate to three fundamental questions found in  Prasna-Upanishad and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. What is this world? Who am I? What is Brahman? System-bound consciousness encompasses the world, self-consciousness, 'me' and T  and consciousness-as-such, the Brahman. These three consciousness(s), in anthropomorphic sense,are probably the three purushas of Bhagavad Gita; system-bound consciousness, the  khsara purusha, self consciousness, the akhsara purusha and consciousness-as-such, Purushottama.Where is the Science in this division and in oneness? The science has been beckoning to  us. The division of consciousness creates Mind. In monism of either matter or consciousness there is no mind! Mind comes with duality of consciousness. It is further suggested that the science  of 'binding' is related to science of information that enquires on the following issues. What is information? Is it an entity? If yes, is it local or non-local? If not, what it is?


How information is generated and destroyed? Is there an independent mechanics of information? Presuming it exists, how it is connected to quantum mechanics and the mechanics of  consciousness! The mechanics of information and the psychic mechanics too seem to be inextricably connected.