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About the Author


Dr. A.K. Mukhopadhyay, a medical graduate from the University of Calcutta (1977), a postgraduate (MD) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (1981), joined the Faculty of AIIMS in 1985. At  present he is Professor & Head, Department of Laboratory Medicine at AIIMS. He is Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), New York Academy of Sciences (USA), Society  for Scientific Exploration (USA), Scientific and Medical Network (UK), Unarius Academy of Sciences (USA), a Fellow of International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (USA) and Honorary affiliate  of the Center for Frontier Sciences, Temple University (USA). From India he was an invitee of Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican, during Academy's meeting of Science for Man and Man for  Science in November, 1999.He coined the term and concept of supracortical consciousness in 1985 and developed further this idea integrating Science Humanity and Spirit. His keen desire to  develop a Science for Consciousness has given birth to four worthy documents, (i) Frontiers of Research for Human Biologists (1985), (ii) The Dynamic Web of Supracortical Consciousness  (1987), (iii) Conquering the Brain (1995) and (iv) The Millennium Bridge (2000). A new Worldview is, therefore, on the making, which the author calls the Akhanda Worldview. The Akhanda is an  individual indivisible from the Whole. The Akhanda Worldview is one, which deals with the divisions of the Indivisible holding Consciousness-Mother Nature as irreducible and inviolable constant.