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4.4 Mind's handling of information


From the 'sea' of information, mind selects only that which could be conceived by it. A simile could be found in situation when a number of male members of the species wish to impregnate the  same one female and a strong self-righteous female asserts to choose only one. The relationship between mind and information is very similar to that kind. If the mind is not strong enough it may  be devastated by onslaught of showering information. Mind impregnated with only one selected information delivers a 'form' i.e. space time, and also energy (Figure 6). Inside in/ormation, there is  a 'form'. Mind does this inside-out of information. Form, i.e. space and time are therefore delivered.


Mind could, however, make information's inside out because of its indivisible connection with consciousness. Without consciousness, mind proves to be sterile. The fertility of mind depends on  its closeness and intimacy with consciousness. Mind owes its property of fecundity to its connection with consciousness. Infidelity of mind is because of its extension into matter. Mind could be  made pregnant when she submits to information following approval from consciousness. Mind's delivery of space, time and energy is also subject to granted permission from consciousness.

The energy released from information is intrinsic energy. It does not come to the 'self of the system from any extraneous source. The self gets this energy as a consequence of inside-out  phenomenon of information executed by mind (or mind like structure and process). This energy is extremely important for all self-organizing systems. This intrinsic energy might account for the  behaviors like spontaneity (uncoupled reaction), expedient behavior, and self-renovation against spontaneous destructive processes which are exclusive characteristics of life-form.Information  splits into 'form' and energy. 'Form' may be taken back by the mind to process it as an 'idea'. Energy is used by neurons. In this way mind and neuron get connected. The basis of psychosomatic  connection is in this information split (Figure 7).


In human situation, this intrinsic energy may offer clue to how an accomplished mystics survive for months or even years without extraneous supply of energy in the form of food! Do they get this  energy from splitting mantra as information?It has been stated that mind makes information's inside out to create space, time and energy. This may be true in the context of human activities but  how can it explain creation of space, time and energy inside this universe or creation of space time energy for the universe itself? What could be the mind-equivalent structure and process in  nature that might execute 'inside-out' operation on information? Taking cue from figure 5 it may be stated that this might be the 'fields' in the nest III of nature and the fields in nest III are quantum  fields. The quantum fields which are studded with the 'problem of infinity' are suggested to play this role of mind [9]. However, to understand this, one needs to untwist the fact in the mathematical  statement that says quantum fields theory faces the problem of Infinity. To untwist (cf. Penrose's suggestion for existence of Twister's space) and straighten out the fact there is this suggestion,  a radical indeed. It is to reverse the directionality of connection of quantum fields with infinity i.e. to look at the quantum fields as they really are, as the 'messengers' of infinity! When quantum  fields are messengers of infinity (consciousness!) and a human mind realizes those as such the person is at the fountainhead of creativity.Quantum fields and the creations therefrom represent  world-consciousness (system-bound consciousness). Mind is the working organ of self-consciousness. Infinity represents consciousness-as-such. Figure 8, therefore, shows the Point of  Trinity.


Also in Figure 8,


a)Infinity and mind are seen to act jointly to create space, time and energy out of information. What is this joint venture? It is the graded opening of mind to the fathomless Infinity, which  determines what category of information the mind could conceive and what kind of space time it would deliver!


b)The energy released from this splitting of information is the energy of quietude, may be initially, at the astronomical scale, the 'dark energy' of universe (constituting 70% of the universe) which  might get converted into non-atomic dark matter (constituting 55% of the universe) from which invisible atomic matter (constituting 4% of the universe) and visible atomic number (constituting  only 1 % of the universe) originate.