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4.3 About science of information


"Information is the new language of science". However, information is one terrain where technology has taken over its science. While the science of information dwells in its infancy, information  technology gets into processing, storage, retrieval, transmission and management of information. Information transmission too in this stage is confined within the solar system (e.g., satellite  communication). The scientists are not in a position at present to transmit or retrieve information from interstellar space, intergalactic nebulae or inter-universal essence. Should we acknowledge  presence of information in these voids (interstellar, intergalactic and inter universal planes) and could record information transmission across these voids, we would be at the very root of science  of information. Information is not merely the language of science, it is the language consciousness speaks. It is consciousness which always speaks with new information.


The science of information is likely to probe into its ontology and epistemology. What is information? Is it an entity? If yes, is it local or non-local? If not, what it is? How information is generated  and destroyed? What is the geometry of information that connect matter, mind and consciousness? Is there an independent mechanics of information? Presuming it exists, how it is connected  to quantum mechanics and the mechanics of consciousness (Figure 5)?The science of information sets the agenda for twenty first century's science. The issues have been discussed in a  recent paper [8]. The mechanics of information and the psychic mechanics too seem to be inextricably connected.