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4.2 Constructing a model for mind


If our concept of mind is so diffuse, could we make a model for mind that would represent both the structure and its process? Could it be applicable in micro  and macro scale, both inside and outside the brain? The answer is in affirmative when we try to sketch out mind as layers between material consciousness and unconditional consciousness  (Figure 4).


Mentality left alone could create chaos while consciousness working with information through mind brings order.



Mind falls well inside the stretch of matter and consciousness. On one side, mind is in connection with the matter. On the other side, it extends to consciousness. Matter-Mind-Consciousness    forms   an   indivisible   stretch.   In   the   nested hierarchical organization of nature, matter is in nature's nests II and I, while unconditional consciousness-as-such constitutes nest V. Between  matter and mind is nest III and between mind and consciousness is nest IV of nature.If we accept the defining property of mind as which works as an organ of communication between two  conscious systems it is possible to work out a model between space time- bound Newtonian nature and the boundless consciousness from which several universe(s) supposedly originate. In  Conquering the Brain [7], there is suggestion of such a model. One could find seven organized strata in the structure and process of mind separating and connecting the space time bound  mundane consciousness and space time independent unconditional non: dual consciousness.


Figure 5 shows seven-layered connection between matter-consciousness and unconditional consciousness. This model also represents the 'transcendental core', which the mystic understands  and realizes in the course of transcendental meditation. There are three voids and two tunnels in between two conscious systems, the brain bound consciousness and the brain-independent  trans-universal consciousness. In the astrophysical scale, apparent void represents interstellar space, great void intergalactic space and divine void inter-universal space. Two tunnels represent  connection between interstellar space and intergalactic nebulae and between intergalactic nebulae and inter-universal void respectively. There are two more important posts, one each on either  side of the great void namely, the frequency (space/time) zone proximal to 'great void' and the zone of interpenetration of space-time and cause following it.In this model we finu an amazing  similarity between the construction strategy of birth canal (uterine canal) and the stratification of mind {Conquering the Brain). The 'mind' of a spermatozoon to meet the 'mind' of an ovum has to  pass through three voids namely vaginal space, uterine cavity and ampulla of tube and two tunnels namely cervical canal and the isthmus of the fallopian tube. The fertilization takes place in the  third void and the ovum comes from outside the uterus.