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4.1 What is mind?


In monistic materialism, idealism and in monism of consciousness there is no mind. The origin of mind is in the duality of consciousness. This duality of consciousness may be between two  states, two planes or two levels of consciousness. Also it may be between subjective and objective consciousness."That which separates you from God is Mind. The wall that stands between  you and God is mind" (Swami Shivananda). "Mind is that which cuts consciousness into two" (Sri Aurobindo). Simply to state, mind separates two conscious systems. Mind is the gap. Mind does  not have independent existence. Mind is described always in the context of consciousness. Mind acts as an organ of communication between two conscious systems; the systems are  separated by a gradient of experience and knowledge, which could be translated in the language of science as different functional patterns of information manifolds. The Mind acts as an 'organ',  and is not merely a machine for communication. Therefore it has all its organismic properties. It originates, it evolves, it dies (dissolves) and it regenerates.There are similarities between mind  and consciousness. As there are 'layers' of consciousness, so there are layers of mind. As consciousness could not be localized, so is also mind. As consciousness is independent of space  and time, so is the mind. Consciousness could be brain-bound or brain-independent. So is also the mind.



However, tnere are differences between the two. Consciousness is the ground without any background. Mind works within the ground of consciousness. Consciousness is the nonnegotiable  imperative. Mind is not. Mind processes information. Consciousness does not. There are also distinctions between mind and consciousness in their operation. Mind cannot proceed without  making distinction. Consciousness proceeds with unifying principle. It starts from unity and not from divisions. Mind per se, is 'carried forward by the stream of its own past energies' (Sri  Aurobindo [6]). Consciousness is teleological and works without any exhaustion or any end. Mentality left alone could create chaos while consciousness working with information through mind  brings order. Mind could never be information-independent. Consciousness unconditional is completely independent of information. Mind cannot generate information. Consciousness can.