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1. Introduction


According to John Locke there are two qualities, viz. primary and secondary. The primary qualities of objects are the bulk, figure, texture, etc. The color, sound, taste, etc. are considered  secondary qualities of the objects. Locke believed that the primary qualities actually existed in the object, whereas secondary qualities are ideas in our mind, but do not really exist in the objects.


It appears that the subject who was kicked out of the front door has made his way through the hack door.


The     primary      qualities      played important role in the development of science.     Its     objectivity     is     the cornerstone for the advancements in all     fields     of    modern     science.

Quantum mechanics is faced with the difficulty of determining the nature of photon: whether particle or wave? A two slit experiment is a simple set up, yet it has a deeper philosophical implication  about the nature of light. The reality of the photon is either a wave or particle depending upon the experimental set up. The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that reality  exists in the form of probability waves. When a conscious observer makes a measurement, he collapses the probability wave and the physical objects appear. This would indicate that the  subject or the experimenter is also part of the experimental set up. Recent developments in quantum physics show that there cannot be any meaningful experimentation of macroscopic objects  without a conscious observer. It appears that the subject who was kicked out of the front door has made his way through the back door.