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7. Robots and Bionic Humans


Cognitive prostheses could not only restore brains, but also connect brains with other brains or computers for downloading or uploading information, data, memories, etc. Film,movies,television,   novels, books, articles,etc. could be obviated if data and neurosensory perception stored as nerve impulses could be shared with others, who could then feel the experience first-hand. Could we  then transmit feelings and thoughts to friends telepathically via a wireless transceiver network? Would we have the potency to forever purge distressing memories and learn

difficult subjects just by downloading data into our brain? Could we conquer death by uploading our minds into a humanoid robot?All this neuroprosthetic research seems to be leading to the  conclusion that we are only machines, which can be augmented with neuroelectronics. Whereas, artificial intelligence researchers are developing robots that can imitate humans,  neuroelectronics might convert humans into robots by replacing our biological motor, sensory, and cognitive organs with robotic limbs and neural prostheses. Or, are we already biological  robots, whose frailties will be eliminated with electronic   devices   to   evolve   into   the   new   generation   cf   superhumans?


Neuroscience research has demonstrated clearly that the brain can be manipulated with electrical impulses. However, does this imply that consciousness can be manipulated with electrical  impulses? If love, rage, fear, pleasure, pain, and other emotions and feelings can be evoked or suppressed with electrical tickles in the brain, is our consciousness just a byproduct of hormones  and neural firings?Evolutionary scientists seek to reduce consciousness to the state of an ensuing phenomenon of physical brain activity. They proclaim that self-awareness, individuality, or  sentience arises automatically when "programmable" matter is appositely arranged in accordance with the blueprint pattern of life. However, this appfoach fails to address the issue of why  consciousness no longer exists in a body which we deem "dead" even though the complete functionality of the brain is present.