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3. Neurostimulators


Since the 1980s, physicians have been investigating subthalamic neuron activity causing tremor in Parkinson's patients [8]. Subsequent research has led to neurostimulator electrode  implantation (also known as deep brain stimulation) in the subthalamic nucleus to end trembling, as alternatives for prior treatments, such as drugs like levodopa [9] with repulsive side effects  and destructive surgery in the brain, i.e. razing neurons.Neurostimulation can also be applied for transmitting low voltage pulses to marginal nerves in order to impede pain sensations from  reaching the brain. This is highly useful for certain chronic pain conditions, such as Failed Back Syndrome (FBS), Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and arachnoiditis. Neuroscientists  Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall profess in their Gate Control


Theory of Pain that a gate in the spinal cord monitors the conduction of pain signals to the brain [10]. This gate can be closed by switching on dorsal horn nerves in the spinal cord.  A  neurostimulation system, if implanted in the dura mater, can trigger a self pain-inhibition system in the body by stimulating the pain-inhibiting nerve fibers [11].


A gate in the spinal cord monitors the conduction ofpain signals to the brain.