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6. Spirituality: The Superior Road


Science is not in conflict with spirituality. Science is a part of Spirituality. Spirituality is the attitude and behavior that one would have if he or she was knowledgeable about higher Reality; as such  knowledge increases, spirituality increases. The converse is also true. As Spirituality increases, consciousness and hence the knowledge of Reality increases. Real progress thus is not in  making fast vehicles and engaging heartlessly in star-wars (as the video games train kids to do). Universes are graded according to the range of consciousness of the individuals therein, and we  must increase our consciousness to be worthy of entering a higher universe. Spirituality increases such consciousness. This is evident from our experience with the great sages.

Spirituality requires one to reduce selfish desires, attachments, aversions, lust, greed and anger, so that the mind attains freedom. Prayer and worship do contribute even to the solution of our  worldly problems; the worldly gain starts coming in when the prayer and worship is loaded enough with spirituality so that it causes a decrease in our worldly desires, attachments, aversions, etc.

To elaborate this from the scientific angle, it must be appreciated that all of Nature consists of logical-mathematical objects, such objects being in the realm of ideas. We ourselves are such  objects. Animate objects, like humans, have consciousness; they possess this property because they share a connection with the Divine, which corresponds to the Void or the Absolutely Empty  Set. [The Void, by definition, is a part of the empty subset of every possible set. The nature of the Void cannot be explained or imagined, because it refers to all possible sets. In accordance with  Gita 13.12, it is beyond all concepts: It can not be said to be real or unreal, true or false, existent or nonexistent. It simultaneously supports the Buddhist concept of 'shoonyat' (Void-ness) and of  no soul or no-God, and the theistic concept of soul and God. The atheistic 'nonexistent' aspect arises, because the Void is truly nowhere, it is truly nothing. On the other hand, the theistic aspect  arises because we just defined The Void and, indeed, we are talking about it.] The Void corresponds to total consciousness, because being more 'empty', it has more 'space' that can be filled by  consciousness. (The words 'empty' and 'space' here refer to logical space, or the space of ideas, not to any physicall universe and the physical space inside it.) Since Nature consists of ideas  only, w/hich can be shown to be a 'product' of the Void, all of Nature arises out of the Void only: in the Gita, the Void is called the Purusha and the Nature is called the 'Prakriti'. The Void  'corresponds' to the Divine.


Conscious beings, like the humans, toave a fragment of the consciousness of the Divine, the consciousness associated 'with the Void. They correspond to partial emptiness. The attachment  that a hunuan may have towards some object acts as a binding of him (more precisely, of his; psychic body) to that object, in the logical space (space of ideas) in which the human lives. In a  sense, this attachment partially 'fills' up his psychic body, and so (in the space of ideas where this person lives) the person is less 'empty/'. The same thing happens with respect to aversions,  desires, etc. Thus, worldly/ involvements bind a person in the logical space of ideas where he truly lives. THiis binding leads to lack of freedom, and to logical contradictions within the psychiic  body.How does spiritualized prayer and worship help in worldly problems? Firstly, in such prayer, we refrain from asking for anything worldly. As desires, etc., decrease and the mind attains  more freedom, the logical fetters that chain us loosen, and our consciousness growrs. This leads to better perception of the world around us, which helps us stucceed more often. Also, it  increases the potency of our individual will.There is only one will in the universe, the Divine Will. But the Divine is at the zero point, and does not have any desiire to exercise the Will in any way.  But the will of an animate being that is sufficiently spiritual is unfettered, and hence it is unopposed in the logical universe where we all exist. Thus, it becomes the Divine will, and it materializes.  Thus,, the wishes of a spiritual person tend to get fulfilled more often. But obviously, intelligence requires the spiritual seeker not to exercise the will unnecessarily. Recall the prayer by Jesus to  the Father (in the night before his execution): "O my IFather, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, tout as Thou wilt."I have provided a bit of scientific reassoning  behind the spiritual realm. It is high time that we clean up religion and spiiritualize it, practice Spirituality, and spread it all over the world. However, this is; a short synopsis. The interested reader  can look into the articles in the 'higher reality' website (whose address is given above) for more elaborate discussions on the issues.