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1.1 Why spirituality?


The purpose of this paper is to discuss why it is necessary to spread Spirituality in the world, and also to offer some suggestions on how to do it. Spirituality is not for any one particular race or  ethnic group; it is for all humanity. Einstein said that a person who has not tasted Spirituality has wasted his life. Thus, spreading Spirituality is no mean endeavor. Indian Spirituality is one of the  most massive, most basic, and scientifically most justifiable parts of Spiritual knowledge that is available to the world. Thus, the Vedantic truths are not just for the Hindus, but for all mankind, and  these truths should be propagated among all. Also, besides India and Hinduism, Spirituality has independently developed in other parts of the world and in other religions. Spirituality,  independently of its source, must be understood and assimilated. Furthermore, it should be appreciated that Spirituality is not entirely contained in religious documents only. A big part of it is also  contained in the works of thinkers, writers, philosophers and scientists.