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These proceedings have been graced by many distinguished intellectuals, whose views on the subject of science and spirituality are better informed than my own. They have sought to reconcile  two very different approaches to the most fundamental questions of our existence, the questions of our origins and of our destiny. Their answers have in common ground an appeal to  unknowable aspects of Nature.


A new kind of science

in which God is one of the actors."

- B.D. Josephson Nobel Laureate in Physics


To give a few examples, George Wald speaks    of    "mind    pervading    the universe,    of   mind   as   a   creative principle perhaps primary to matter."B. D. Josephson refers to "a new kind

of science in which God is one of the actors."    Richard Ernst speaks of the importance   of      "an   integration between science and the spiritual aspects of life."  And often quoted, though not

a direct contributor to these proceedings, Albert Einstein once said the "behind all the discernable laws and connections,  there remains something subtle,intangible and inexplicable."I myself  cannot speak to the religious or spiritual aspects of life. I have no training in religion or philosophy. While I hold firm views, they are not derived from study of the sages or a professional approach  to the matter. I can only recount a personal approach, limited to science, but nonetheless with warmly human as well as coldly objective dimensions. I will argue that the connection between  science and religion resides in the human dimension, and that science has something to offer to religion in this regard. What I have to say may seem self-evident to many, certainly to dedicated  scientists, but I offer my remarks in the hope that they be encouraging to others.