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My Childhood


In my childhood (age 10) one experience deeply touched me. I would like to share it with you. Every day when I returned from my school in the evening, my father would have gone to namaz  (prayer). My mother would look angelic in the namaz. After Thakbhir position, she would recite two suras from the holy Quran. One starts with Alhamdhu, and the other with Lakkum, Thenukum.  One day I asked my father and mother what was the meaning of Lakkum Thenukum. My mother in a graceful voice recited the sura 'Lakkum Thenukum Valiyatheen, that is the end of the sura  Alkhafbeerun. My father interpreted, "It means everyone follows a path. He or she who decides the path is accountable for the actions." I would see my father meet his friends quite often - Pakshi  Lakshmana Shastrigal, a great Hindu devotee of Rameshwaram Siva Temple and Reverend Father Bodal who built our island's first church. In my childhood I was indeed blessed to hear the  discussion of these great three. At least once a week they met and discussed integration of thoughts from the Holy Quran, the Old Testament of the Bible and the Bhagavad-gita of the  Mahabarata. From the essence of their conversations, I learnt:Whatever may be your religion, the path you select will lead you to the bliss, based on your good action. Mankind, indeed, is the salt  of the earth. Your life should be just like a flower that gives fragrance and beauty in the morning and silently falls to the ground in the evening where it was born. I am 72 years old now and in my  life I have never come across such a beautiful message on the essence of life and how religions graduate into spiritual force.