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Experiences in Search of Unity of Minds


I want to share some experiences I had during my visits to these places in a quest for a unity of minds.


Tawang Experience


Tawang is a virtual Shangri-La tucked away at an altitude of 3,000 meters in a misty corner of Arunachal Pradesh. The people there seem truly happy and tranquil, living under the kindly umbrella  of one of the world's oldest Buddhist monasteries. During a visit, I asked the chief monk at the monastery about the secret of Tawang's tranquility that seemed to go beyond mere goodness.  'You're the President of India. You know everything,' he replied, trying to avoid answering the question. When I persisted, however, he called all of the 300 monks to come out and sit around the  imposing statue of the Buddha with us and delivered the following sermon:"If you look at the 3,000 year old history of India, you'll find that the country has always stood for peace. It worked for  peace; it prayed for peace and it lived for peace. But these days, peace does seem to be in short supply. So, how does one bring back peace?" the monk asked rhetorically."Paradoxically, the T  in you wants peace. Nevertheless, to get peace you have to first get rid of the T and 'me'. (This is what the Buddha realized after his enlightenment, when he grasped the principle of causation  and the lack of self in all that is.)"So, can you get rid of the self? Seems like a tough proposition. For in virtually every sentence, every thought we have T and 'me'. But if you remove these entities,  the ego will vanish," the monk said to me. "When the ego vanishes, hatred fades away. When hatred goes away then violence in mind and body will disappear. Therefore, peace comes when  you forsake ego and the sense of self. (For, as the Buddha says, 'All this is not mine, I am not this, this is not myself"