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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Soul Science God Philosophy > Science and Spiritual Quest > Section 1 Scientific and Spiritual Paths for Ultimate Reality > PSYCHIC PHENOMENA, CYCLICAL COSMOLOGY, REINCARNATION > Annex Poem > Poem 4 MIGHTY GENES



Mighty genes, mighty genes

Mighty genes in the DNA

Of my body and my brain,

Precursors to life on Earth,

So selfish in your ways

Do you care?

Who wrote the software

For you to perform and evolve?


Precursors to you all Mighty

Genes Atoms and molecules everywhere

Photons and plasma after the Big-Bang,

Who wrote the software For them to come about?


Precursors for precursors

To perform and evolve

From bottom up and top down too

Ad infinitum.


Whence forth?

Where from?

What for?