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About the Author


Paul Utukuru (Gopala Rao) is a retired Professor of Medical Physics and Environmental Health. He was born in Berhampur, Orissa in 1930. He received a Master's degree in Physics from the  Utkal University in 1954 and a Doctor of Science degree in Radiological Science from the Johns Hopkins University in 1966. During his professional career as I* a physicist in India and the USA,  he published widely in the field of the physics of medical imaging and radiation oncology. Since his retirement from the Johns Hopkins University in 1995, Utukuru has been active in matters  related to bridging the gap between Science and Religion. He has given freelance lectures and conducted workshops on Science and Culture including religious phenomena with special  reference to their evolution in human history. He has been publishing his work on websites such as,, and, and on publications such as  Science and Spirit, Science and Theology News and an encyclopedia on Science, Religion and Society. He is the author of a book of provocative poems entitled "Mysteries of Life, Mysteries of  Nature". Utukuru's writings and lectures reflect his interests from the point of view of Neurotheology, Spiritual Transformation, Christian ethics, Epistemology, Hindu Cosmology and  Reincarnation.