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6. Conclusion


In this lecture, we considered several types of studies that scientists can conduct to evaluate the health benefits of religious beliefs and practices of different types, and to validate or invalidate  claims of various types of Psychic Phenomena. We also considered the relevance of Hinduism's Cyclical Cosmology to Modern Physics and of the theory of Reincarnation to Modern Genetics.

The hope of the author is that someday, physicists will succeed in developing a Cosmological Theory incorporating the ideas implied in Hinduism's Cyclical Cosmology, and biologists will  develop a formalism that adds details to the theory of Reincarnation within the context of Modern Genetics and Information Recycling processes, in full recognition of the influence of both bottom  up as well as top down cause and effect factors, in tune with the core of our spiritual paradigms exemplified in pantheism as a philosophical construct.There is only one thing that is Absolute and  that is the underlying substrate of all that exists: the ultimate driving force of all scientific and spiritual endeavors, no matter by what name you give to it, as reiterated by the author in his book of  poems entitled "Mysteries of Life, Mysteries of Nature" [18]. Presently, this is the underlying core of all religions and all forms of spiritual expression. And hopefully it will one day be recognized as  the underlying core of all scientific explorations as well.Meanwhile, recognition of the mysteries of life and the limitations of science by scientists without defending any particular religious  paradigm as providing the final answers to man's spiritual quest will go a long way in our efforts for peaceful co-existence within the context of our pluralistic and diversified paradigms.