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3. Points of Contact for Science with Religion


As of now, matters of extra terrestrial intelligence and spirit worlds, characteristic of most religious beliefs are out of the reach of fundamental sciences like physics and biology. This might  change if we ever were to discover extraterrestrial intelligence or life forms other than those that are carbon based. In the meanwhile, issues related to the enigmas of time and space, cycles of  evolution, multiple universes, etc., might all be helped by digging into ancient religious concepts, especially when supplemented by the interpretations of the mystics arising from time to time  within the context of all religions.Psychic Phenomena and Religious paradigms are currently outside the scope of physics and biology. They can however be addressed by cognitive scientists.  They can make a positive contribution to religion by investigating the role different types of religious beliefs and rituals play in dealing with health issues, both physical as well as emotional. They  can also strive to determine if the types of beliefs, practices and spiritual technologies one follows make a difference. Psychiatrists should continue to evaluate all types of reported psychic and  paranormal phenomena and validate them where appropriate as Dennis Gersten [7] has done.It is also worthwhile to conduct more and more studies of the effects of transcranial magnetic  stimulation on the brain using imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging and positron tomography as Michael Persinger [8] has reported. Such studies may enable us to discover  if there is indeed such a thing as direct transfer of information to the human brain by electromagnetic signals from outside. If we do discover such phenomena, we will open the door for clarifying  the mechanics of revelation and psychic powers by the methods of science. In addition, it is useful to carry out case studies of spiritually enlightened personalities (by their own claims), as well  as of patients with pathological disorders, and even of animals, in order to understand the mechanisms by which the brain gives rise to the differentiation between Self and non-Self and how far  down the evolutionary scale does such differentiation exists.


Finally we come to issues related to the law of Karma and the theory of Reincarnation, the Yuga classification of creation cycles coming into prominence. To recognize their relevance to modern  science, first it is important to recognize that interactive processes in Nature fall into systems operating within systems involving multitudes of bottom up as well as top down types of cause and  effect interactions. The bottom up category involves such things as atoms becoming molecules, molecules becoming gross substances, etc. Top down interactions on the other hand involve  such things as a volcano disrupting the harmony of ensembles of organic and inorganic matter underneath, or of intention being the first step in the movement of a hand or the utterance of a  word.Modern scientific theories have by and large been able to clarify the role of only the bottom up type of cause and effect interactions in the evolutionary process. Many top down interactions  involve an element of choice, either individually or collectively by the evolved entities. The choice element is observed not only in the biological world but is also suspected in certain types of  sub-atomic phenomena. It is currently at its highest among Homo-sapiens. Still higher levels of top down interactions include such things as the role of emotions, values, and group participation  in decision making. For more on this, the reader is referred to articles elsewhere by the author and others in the field [9-13].