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SEATTLE — Over 600 doctoral scientists from around the world have now signed

a statement publicly expressing their skepticism about the contemporary

theory of Darwinian evolution. The statement, located online at, reads: “We are skeptical of claims for the

ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the

complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory

should be encouraged.”


The fastest growing segment of the list is scientists from outside the

United States. International scientists now represent just over 12% of all

signers, and as a group has seen nearly 40% growth in the past four months.


“I signed the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism statement, because I am

absolutely convinced of the lack of true scientific evidence in favour of

Darwinian dogma,” said Raul Leguizamon, M. D., Pathologist, and a professor

of medicine at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico.


“Nobody in the biological sciences, medicine included, needs Darwinism at

all,” added Leguizamon. “Darwinism is certainly needed, however, in order to

pose as a philosopher, since it is primarily a worldview. And an awful one,

as Bernard Shaw used to say.”


The list of 610 signatories includes member scientists from National

Academies of Science in Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India (Hindustan),

Nigeria, Poland, Russia and the United States. Many of the signers are

professors or researchers at major universities and international research

institutions such as Cambridge University, British Museum of Natural

History, Moscow State University, Masaryk University in Czech Republic, Hong

Kong University, University of Turku in Finland, Autonomous

University of Guadalajara in Mexico, University of Stellenbosch in South

Africa, Institut de Paliontologie Humaine in France, Chitose Institute of

Science & Technology in Japan, Ben-Gurion University in Israel, MIT, The

Smithsonian and Princeton.


“Dissent from Darwinism has gone global,” said Discovery Institute President

Bruce Chapman, former US Ambassador to the United Nations in Vienna.

“Darwinists used to claim that virtually every scientist in the world held

that Darwinian evolution was true, but we quickly started finding US

scientists that disproved that statement. Now we’re finding that there are

hundreds, and probably thousands, of scientists all over the world that

don’t subscribe to Darwin’s theory.”


Discovery Institute first published its Scientific Dissent From Darwinism

list in 2001 to challenge false statements about Darwinian evolution made in

promoting PBS’s “Evolution” series. At the time it was claimed that

“virtually every scientist in the world believes the theory to be true.”


Prominent signatories include U.S. National Academy of Sciences member

Philip Skell; American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Lyle Jensen; evolutionary biologist and textbook author Stanley Salthe;

Smithsonian Institution evolutionary biologist and a researcher at the

National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Biotechnology

Information Richard von Sternberg; Editor of Rivista di Biologia / Biology

Forum --the oldest still published biology journal in the world--

Giuseppe Sermonti; and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences embryologist Lev Beloussov.