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Senseless Gods

26)    Nirvishesh said: You have wielded the weapon of your knowledge well and I can see that my arguments in favor of the living entity's becoming God have been cut down. The slain soldiers oimayavada lie dismembered on the battlefield of word jugglery. Actually I all along had my doubts that the soul could become God, but I wanted to challenge your conclusions. 1 now see that Krishna consciousness is perfectly logical. Please teach me to surrender to Shri Krishna that He might guide me as the Lord of my life. Teach me to chant Hare Krishna.

27)    Krishna das said: Now you have become a truly fortu­nate soul, indeed! May you achieve all glories through devotional service to Krishna! In the beginning of my spiritual quest I, too, blindly stumbled upon this very same notion of "oneness." Thus I mistook the glare of material energy as the lamp of understand­ing. Later I inquired from Shrila Prabhupada and he was able to defeat my host of illogical speculations in the same way.

28)    It began to dawn upon me that the conclusion of a "senseless god" is truly are the intellects of the cheating "swamis" and "yogis" who propagate malicious, false and deliberate misinterpretations of the holy Vedic scriptures. They have made a multi-million dollar racket out of wholesal­ing perverted reflections of truth to the naive and somewhat innocent public. But what is to be lamented? If someone wants

to be cheated, Krishna will kindly fulfill his desire and send him to surrender to some rogue. "Everyone follows My path in all respects, O Arjuna." Says Prabhupada, "This is a society of cheaters and the cheated."

29)    Imitation gods purposely propagate a web of ground­less speculations which they themselves do not really believe. I pity the poor seekers after truth who become entangled in the designs of these spidery opportunists and thereby become sucked like insects in a web of their common sense and morality.

30)    What right do those who deny form to God have to claim to be "masters?" They have only the votes of an ignorant following to place them upon the throne that they seek to oc­cupy. If a billion fools uphold a lie, does that lie become a truth? If a group of dogs are given the chance to elect a "god," they will elect another dog. We may also call the monkey a master; he is strictly vegetarian, he lives in the woods, he observes the vow of silence by never speaking, he goes without clothes and lets his hair grow. But the monkey also has a different girl friend in each tree. The system of vox populi can only result in estab­lishing a fool's paradise with a bigger fool as a leader. The Tran­scendental Autocrat was not elected to His post, nor are His true votaries propped up by our votes. Nirvishesh, you cannot purchase a guru.

31)    One so-called "guru" died on his way to a lecture he was to give entitled "Attainment of Eternal Life." Another had to cancel his speech called "Stay Young Forever" due to a tooth­ache. Still another who claimed to be the "Lord of the Universe" was caught smuggling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of watches and jewelry into India and had his passport taken away. Later when his mother disowned him and elected his el­der brother to the post of God, he took his brother to court so that the judge could decide which of them was the true "Lord of the Universe." Prabhupada often tells us true stories as these to help us realize that a bona fide spiritual master teaches through his lifestyle, too. "Example is louder than precept."

(32) Those who preach these truths become like kings, for this perfect philosophy is undefeatable. The only life jacket tor the poor souls drowning in the pool of ignorance is to chant:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.