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Phalam parichiyate

58)    Lord Chaitanya warned, mayavadi bhasya sunile haya sarva nasa: "One who reads the literatures of the mayavadis and takes to such an understanding is certainly doomed." (C.C. Madhya 6.169)

59)    O Nirvishesh, whoever posed as some sort of "yogi, mystic or master" by telling you that "all men are liberated at death" has certainly undermined you. He has created in you a conceited smugness and vanity by encouraging you to sin in the name of religion. A killer of the soul has poisoned you with meaningless woids and empty promises. Now while spouting seemingly learned cliches recited by rote, you have indeed be­come void—void, that is, of self-knowledge and common sense. Remember that enemies kill through flattery; to the friend falls the thankless task of delivering the harsh truth.

60)    Chaitanya Mahaprabhu teaches: guru krishna kripaya paya bhakti lata bija: "By the grace of Krishna and the spiritual master, one is given the seed of devotional service." (C.C. Madhya 19.1.51)

61)    As rain upon the earth brings all desirable things, so the rain of tears of desire for Krishna pouring from the eyes of the eager devotees brings about the ripened fruit of love of Godhead.

62)    It is written in the Vedic literature phalam parichiyate: "Judge a tree by its fruits." If your philosophical doctrines do not produce people of moral character, they do not speak on behalf of any true religious system.


63)    Lord Jesus said, "As you sow, so shall you reap." Although this law of nature—this law of karma—is logical common sense, mayavadis feign ignorance of this simple fact. They are awake while pretending to be asleep! Is there any means of waking them?

64)    An apple seed yields an apple tree, a poison ivy seed produces a poisonous creeper. Similarly, the seed of devotional service qualifies the aspirant lor ultimate entrance into the King­dom of God. But those who have planted seeds of sin must sometime reap the bitter fruit of their misdeeds...and a thou­sand times this truth lor those who have sinned in the name of religion. Shri Krishna is able to see the heart. The Lord knows who is a real mahatma (great soul) and who is a duratma (crooked soul).

65)    Punishment at the inescapable hands of nature awaits those who have transgressed nature's laws. Though sins are presently sitting as seeds, their miserable effects will in due course ensnare those who have neglected Krishna's shelter. Lord Chaitanya once told His devotee, "Lord Krishna is very kind, He has saved you from Raurava, the hell where butchers or animal eaters go."

66)    Today the police are on the trail of a gang of thieves, who are posing as pillars of the community. Soon they will be captured, tried, found guilty, and punished, and there can be no escape. Similarly, a storehouse of sins cannot be covered by pretensive piety. Do the crime, do the time.

67)    Of course, one may violate the imperfect laws of man and avoid arrest. But the laws of material nature which in ev­ery instance dictate that a ripe apple must fall downward, as Newton found, are infallible. No one may transgress the laws of nature and escape, no matter his material status.

68)    The human being who plunders the wealth of the Lord in this world is far worse than the humble animal who never transgresses the laws of God. Prabhupada once wrote a dis­ciple, "Scatter some seeds and grains upon the street, pigeons will come, eat their fill, and then go away. But if you put many bags of grain on the sidewalk and offer them freely to the pub­lic, one man will come along with a truck and take as much as he can carry off to hoard." The animal merely relies upon God's mercy. Each day the ant gets his grain of rice, and the elephant gets his hundred pounds of hay.

69)    He who spoils the opportunity of human birth dies like a dog ignorant of his next birth. When hauled before the court of Yamaraj, the rascal is not allowed to plead, "Spare me, I was ignorant of the law."

(70) English law states that you must drive on the left-hand side of the road, whereas we Americans drive on the right. Now,if an Englishman touring the USA forgets and drives on the wrong side of our road, will the American law excuse him? No,he will still be summoned before a traffic court and fined. And how much more true is this of Nature's law which is never violated without a karmic reaction?


71)   Is a child excused by the fire if he places his hand innocently into the flames? The fire does not think, "Oh, he is just a child; let me be merciful and not burn him." On the contrary, the child must bear a scar the duration of his life for a mistake performed in youthful ignorance.

72)   Even Mandavya Muni had to endure great suffering years later for the killing of an insignificant ant during child­hood play. What then is to be said for those who in knowledge commit far greater sins? Prabhupada says, "Impersonalists do not know that to forget their constitutional position as subor­dinates to the Supreme Lord is the greatest violation of God's law."