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Peeling the Onion

1)   Nirvishesh said: My dear Krishna das, I challenge this Hare Krishna chant of yours. 1 see no value in it. Many masters have said that all will experience ultimate oneness at death.

2)   It can only be the egotistical illusion of man that causes

him to think of himself as having a personal identity. Such misconceptions of the ego have no real foundation in truth.

3)   Peel layer after layer of the onion and finally find noth­ing. Unmask a man of his ego and discover him to be void.

4)   I think that liberation is automatically awarded to ev­eryone at death, despite their activities in this world of illu­sion. All souls must eventually join a stream of consciousness which leads to the "great nothingness."

5)   Just as all spokes meet in the center of a wheel, so do all paths lead to the same universal goal.


6)    The value of a wheel is in the hollowness of the hub; the value of a jug is also found in its emptiness. Journey through canto after canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam and you finally find Lord Krishna playing on His flute. Just see the hidden mes­sage! The flute is also hollow! Similarly, one's true value is in his nothingness.

7)    Gaze into the mirror and see your reflection, but look behind the mirror and see nothing. And to realize yourself to be one with that great nothingness is to become everything, free to enjoy.

8)    Throughout the world there are many rivers; yet each of these streams joins and merges into one salt ocean. In the same way, there are certainly many different paths, but each path ultimately leads to the same goal of mystic development.

9)    We are all God, and God acts as He pleases without any restriction. Therefore, my personal opinion is that whatever man chooses to do is his choice, for God is one, and there can be no conflict of His interests. All energies are God's, every­thing is spiritual, and ultimate merging awaits us all. What need is there for chanting Hare Krishna? Become God through medi­tation. Life is not meant for restriction and discipline. Life, my friend, is meant for enjoyment. Do as you please! Enjoy!