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Lastly we have to understand that unless we agree to abide by the laws of God, we can never achieve peace of mind. This can be understood from an example. Suppose a person wants to break all the laws of the Indian government; he wants to steal, he wants to rape women, he wants to murder. And he comes running to you and asks you, " I want to be peaceful. But I also want to break the laws of the state. Please tell me how I can still have peace of mind." What solution can you offer such a person? An intel­ligent person will advice him, "My dear friend, first of all you follow the laws of the country. Then when you are living as an ideal citizen, you can be free from persecution and anxiety and can live peacefully."


In a similar way, the whole world is the state of God; after all, He has created it. And He has also made many laws for those who live in the world. These laws of the divine government are given in the bona fide scriptures of the world. So an intelligent person should hear the scriptures from the saintly people and, based on scriptural  knowledge, he should discrimi­nate between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, and act accordingly. And in this way, when he carefully follow the instructions of God given in the scriptures throughout his life, then he can have peace of mind.


God is our only eternal friend. To be frank with you, the harsh reality that no one in this world is interested in you. Don't expect the world to rush to your rescue when you are in trouble; it will just not happen. Far from run­ning to help you, even your best friends will run away from you when you are in trouble. There are many levels of friends - official friends called bandhu, social friends called mitra and so on. But the Lord is our only real friend. He is therefore called suhrt, meaning that He is our heart-to-heart friend. There is no one as close to us as God, although we may not know it. God is such a great friend, that even if we forget Him, even if we neglect Him, even if we become envious of Him, He still loves us. Just as a selfless mother only wants to serve her child always, irrespective of whether he is obe­dient, disobedient or naughty, similarly God is always very keen to help us, whether we re­ciprocate with Him or not. Krishna says, suhridam sarva bhutanam "I am the suhridam, well wisher, of every living entity. I am the heart to heart friend of every living entity." So we should always learn to keep God in the center of our lives.


An ideal example of this is Arjuna. Arjuna never did anything unless it was connected in service to Krishna. Even his act of fighting was for the pleasure of Krishna; before going to the battlefield, he circumambulated Krishna and offered Him obeisances. So for Arjuna, there was no one as close as Krishna. And the same is true for every living entity because Krishna says: sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto "I am residing in the heart of everyone as the Parmatama." So in the hearts of each one of us, besides the soul there is the Supersoul, who is an expansion of Krishna. And the Paramatma is always ready to help us and give us guidance about what to do and what not to do.


Therefore we should work for gaining God's friendship; it is the greatest gain. And when we have that, peace of mind is an automatic byproduct. We cannot achieve peace of mind overnight by taking some pills told by some doctor. Nor can we achieve it by following some godless mechanical methods. Sometimes people teach some mind control techniques in which they say, "Imagine a form." or "imag­ine a picture." But all such methods are futile because they cannot give lasting peace of mind. Actual peace of mind can arise only out of spiritual growth and such spiritual growth is greatly aided by external support and greatly marred by external incompatibilities. The aid­ing supports are all those things, which en­hance the mode of goodness (sattva guna) in us. For example, by taking satvika diet -prasadam, wearing sattvika dress, living in a sattvika environment, coming to sattvika association of those who are devotees of God and reading spiritual books, we can enhance our understanding about God. And in this way all these sattvika habits can help us to come closer to God and become internally mature On the other hand, if we associate with those things, which increase the lower modes of passion and ignorance in us, our mind will be­come more and more agitated. For example, by watching horror movies, seeing porno­graphic pictures, taking intoxicants etc, we will go further away from achieving peace of mind.