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Shun the Sinful tendency and Surpass Suffering


All these technological advancements provide only some temporary stop-gap solutions to man's problems, but the Problems keep surfacing again and again in some other form. Once a man got a boil on his body. A doctor gave him an ointment to apply on it. He applied it and got cured. He was happy. But after some days, he got a similar boil in another part of his body. He again went to the doctor. The doctor told him to keep applying the ointment whenever the boil appeared But the troubled man asked the doctor, "That's alright. But every time I get the boil, it lasts for a week and I have to suffer enormous pain. Is there no way to put an end to this problem altogether?" The doctor couldn't give any permanent solution


The man went to another doctor, who could understand the root cause of the problem to be the impurity in the blood. He treated the patient's blood and the patient was permanently cured. Now he became happy and the boil never appered again. What do we infer from this story? Originally we are all spirit souls, obedient servants of God in the spiritual world. Now having come to this material world, the soul is identifying with the material body and polluted by enjoying mentality, thinks, "I am Creator, I am enjoyer, I am Controller." Just as the impure blood caused the man repeated boils, the impure mentality of the soul considering himself the master and enjoyer causes him to take on millions of bodies one after another to fulfill his impure desires. This leads him to suffering. Science is offering some superficial temporary solutions. But the problems keep repeating just as the patient kept getting boils again and again due to impure blood. Unless the soul gives up his impure desires that lead him to commit sin and replaces them by pure spiritual desires that lead him to love of God, he can not be happy. If an intelligent man can turn to the Vedas they can teach him how to shun sin and surpass suffering by realizing his loving relationship with God. Then by performing activities in pure spiritual consciousness, he will become eligible to enter into  the kingdom of God, where there is eternal life full of knowledge and bliss.