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What is the Purpose of the Vedic Literature?


The Vedas are compared to a desire tree because they contain all things knowable by man. They deal with mundane necessities as well as spiritual realization. The Vedas contain regulated principles of knowledge covering social, political, religious, economic, military, medicinal, chemical, physical, metaphysical subject matter and above all specific directions for spiritual realization.

The real essence of Vedic literatures can be categorized into three headings:


Sambandha: Understanding the answers to the questions, "Who am I? Who is God? What is my relation with God?"

Abhideya: The process of reviving our relationship with God

Prayojana: The mature result: attainment of love of God.


Thus the three subject matters described in the Vedic literature are: the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the central point of all relationships, acting in devotional service to Him is one's real occupation and attainment of love of God is the ultimate goal of life.