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All that glitters is not gold


Once Srila Prabhupada showed a doll of a woman kept in a cloth shop to some of his disciples and asked them, "Can you enjoy that woman?" The disciples replied that it was after all a doll with no life and thus cannot offer any happiness. Srila Prabhupada said what makes a living body special is the spiritual beauty or spiritual spark residing in the body. When that spark of soul leaves the body, the body is no better than the doll in the shop. Thus beauty is not in the material body which is just a bag of bones and flesh, but in the spirit soul, a part and parcel of Supremely attractive Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. Because God, the Supreme whole is supremely beautiful, His part and parcel, the spirit soul who is a minute spark of God is also beautiful.


Mundane intellectuals and atheists are deluded by the outward beauty and attraction of the relative truth, as seen in the material world and are unaware of the spiritual spark, which is both truth and beauty at the same time. The spiritual spark is so beautiful that when it leaves the so-called beautiful body, which in fact is full of stool and vomit, no one wants to touch that body, even if it is decorated with a costly costume, even if it happens to be the body of a most beautiful cinema star, or a dear relative like husband or wife. The beauty of the outer skin can be destroyed in only a few hours merely by the dose of a strong purgative, but the beauty of soul or God is indestructible and always the same. Unfortunately, mundane artists and intellectuals are ignorant of the Supreme Lord who is the source of all the spiritual sparks, and they are ignorant of the relationships between the souls and the Lord, which take the form of transcendental pastimes. When those pastimes are displayed here by the grace of the Almighty, foolish people who cannot see beyond their senses confuse, those pastimes of truth and beauty with the activites of common man. For eg they think Krishna's rasa dance to be like activity between boys and girls.


When Lord Krishna or Lord Rama appear in this world and perform pastimes with Their devotees, they are supremely divine and enacted on a spiritual platform. The love exchanged between the Lord and His devotees is pure and eternal because the Lord and devotee will never die. But all our display of affection and sorrow for our relatives and friends is a poor imitation of Lord's pastimes, because we are artificially imagining ourselves to be the center of all relationships in this world. Thus our divine relationship with Lord is like real gold and our relationship with other people, namely, our family, relatives, friends etc in material world is like imitation gold. By awakening our love for God, we can put a fullstcp to cycle f birth and death and return back home back to Godhead.