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3) Tendency to Commit Mistakes


Yet another difficulty with sense perception is that we all make mistakes. Science, with all its dramatic successes, has from its beginnings also generated wildly incorrect accounts: electricity and heat as fluids, the brain as an organ to cool the blood, stars as pinpricks in a crystal globe... These are dramatic deviations from what we now see as truth; and when invented they were deviations from what then appeared true. In another instance, three astronomers recently discovered a significant mistake in the Hubble Constant, a value used as a cosmic yardstick to measure enormous distances in the universe. The Hubble Constant - named after astronomer Edwin P. Hubble - has undergone so many corrections since he first formulated it that many astronomers now laughingly call it the 'Hubble Variable'! Clearly, with our imperfect senses and our illusion-prone mind, mistakes are inevitable. So advancement in science means, defeating the old mistaken idea and proposing a new mistake, which may need a revision sooner or later.