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2) Tendency to be Illusioned


All the senses have many known deceptions. Some examples are given below:



Selective vision: We interpret physical reality according to what we discard and at different times we give it different interpretations. See Fig.l. Depending on which image you choose to discard, the drawing is either a black vase or the outline of two white faces looking toward each other. Both images are present, but you can't see them both at the same time. Consciously or unconsciously, you select one and discard the other. In Fig.2 the picture is either a young woman or an old woman, depending on how you choose to interpret the data before you.


Contextual Vision: The middle character in Fig.3 is either a number or a letter depending on the context you choose to see.


Imaginative Vision: Our eyes also distort things and supply information not given. In Fig.4 our eye imagines the lines that form a white triangle.


So, we talk about reality as objective because of the high degree of agreement we share in our individual realities.From birth, we condition our senses to select and interpret phenomena the same way others around us do. Thus we form a Consensus Reality Illusion, many individuals sharing an agreed-upon way of interpreting their environment. This poses serious questions about the authority of physical sciences as well, because our scientists are as much deluded by their senses as everyone else.