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4) Cheating


To err is human, the saying goes. But unfortunately, humans sometimes go beyond innocent error and deliberately propagate untruths. Scientists are not immune to this shortcoming.

For many years, textbooks on evolution routinely cited the Piltdown Man as evidence that human beings have descended from an ape-like ancestor. In 1912, archaeologists excavated a humanlike skull and an apelike jaw from a gravel pit at Piltdown, in the British Isles. The bones were deemed parts of the same creature, which was duly reconstructed in full and placed in the British Museum as an example of a transitional phase between the ancient ape and the modern man. In 1953, however, investigators discovered that the jawbone of the Piltdown Man was actually of a very recent origin and had simply been stained to look like a fossil. In addition, someone had filed the teeth down to change their appearance. In other words, the Piltdown Man was a fraud, apparently engineered by one of the original discoverers.


William Fix, author of 'The Bone Peddlers: Selling Evolution' claims that while making a careful analysis of the more than 120 years of archaeological discoveries, he unearthed a 'catalogue of fiascos', findings recorded by researchers more interested in publicity, funding, and reputation than in truth. To protect their reputations, says Fix, researchers have deliberately ignored or" dismissed contrarv evidence. 'Forbidden Archaelogy' by Richard L Thomson and Micheal Cremo gives a comprehensive list of fossil records, which categorically disproves evolution.