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Pratyaksha Praman          


This is the knowledge obtained by direct perception. Majority of scientific experiments and proofs are based on this method. "Seeing is believing" is a popular slogan among people arguing against God's existence.    But consider the  following examples to verify whether seeing is believing:


*Is the sun just a plate of half-a-meter diameter as we see it with our eyes?


*A stick appears broken when we insert half of it into water (Refraction). Is it?


*Even the most beautiful face looks highly distorted in a concave mirror. (Is seeing believing (?!))


We understand that direct perception by our senses is not a very reliable method because the sense organs themselves have only a limited range. We cannot acquire absolute knowledge through the material senses and mind, and any knowledge we derive will be only relative. The very fact that the information and theories in science are changed, updated and modified everyday is a proof that we are attaining higher and higher imperfect relative truths by the pursuit of our scientific research. The Absolute Truth, or God however is fixed; it never changes. We cannot understand the Absolute Truth through our blunt material senses because all of us have four defects:


1.Imperfect senses

2.Tendency to be illusioned

3.Tendency to commit mistakes

4.Tendency to cheat.