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Worship according to Propensities


The Matsya Purana says that there are 18 Puranas (supplementary Vedic literatures). Out of these, there are 6 Puranas each written for: People in the mode of ignorance or tamo guna (These Puranas glorify and recommend worship of Shiva and his consort, Durga). Worshipers in ignorance (like Bhasmasura, Ravana) may perform cruel penances and aspire for boons that harm them and harm others. This variety in the modes of worship is presented by the Vedic literature so that anyone and everyone can worship according to their natural propensities.


For example, the worshipers of Lord Shiva, sadhus smoke charas. They will quote from Shaivite scripture to prove that the devotees of Shiva must take intoxicants to worship Him properly!


According to tantric worship the worshipers of Durga are required to have the five M's: maans (meat) , matsya (fish), madira (liquor), maithuna (sex), and mura (parched rice) to worship her properly.


These forms of (regulated) worship are the only means by which degraded minds can be enticed to glorify God. People in the mode of passion or rajo guna (These glorify and recommend worship of Brahma and other demigods). Worshipers in passion (like Hiranayakashipu) perform severe austerities with the desire to become controllers, enjoyer and exploit others. Thus they brings their own destruction.People in the mode of goodness or sattva guna (These recornmend the worship of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna). Worshiper in goodness or above three gunas worship Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram or Laxmi-Narayan. The basis of worship is only Love. Even if a devotee goes to Lord with material desires (like Dhruva who desired a kingdom), Lord purifies their heart, and awakens the dormant love in their heart.