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Why is Krishna God?


Lord Brahma says in Brahma Samhita, "Ishwara parama Krishna, sac cid ananda vigraha" "Among all the controllers, Lord Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He has a form made of eternity, knowledge and bliss."


Lord Krishna is called 'Poorna Purushottam' which means He is the complete manifestation of Godhead. There is no Truth above Him according to Bhagavad gita. He proved it by showing the Vishwarupa darshan (Universal form) explained in Bhagavad gita 11th chapter. Both the Universal form as well as the four handed form of Lord Vishnu emanate from Krishna's form. Arjuna also confirms Krishna's supremacy by quoting from the sages like Asita, Devala and Narada [BG 10.11]. In Bhagavad gita, Krishna is addressed as, 'Bhagavan' which means 'the possessor of all six opulences'. Krishna perform feats like lifting the Govardhan hill, marrying 16,108 gopis, showing the whole cosmos in his mouth to mother Yashoda and many more. These are not possible for any ordinary or extraordinary humans to even comprehend.


The Lord descends to this mortal world to show His pastimes in Vrindavana, which are full of happiness.     When Lord Sn Krishna was in Vrindavana, His activities with His cowher boyfriends, with His damsel friends, with the other inhabitants of Vrindavana and with the cows were all full of happiness-The residemts of Vrindavana knew nothing but Krishna. Even the cows, (deers, monkeys, birds, Yamuna, the cowherd boys, cowherd gnrls, the parents - all were absorbed in constant rememberamce of Krishna in all their activities. The living entities, likce the Lord, are full of consciousness, and they are after happiness. The Lord is perpetually happy, and if the living entities asscociate with the Lord, cooperate with Him and take part in His association, they also become happy. For example if someone ptuts his finger into the socket he will get an electric shock, Amyone who touches that person will also experience a shock. In. the same manner, Lord is perpetually happy and anyone whao becomes His devotee will also share the Lord's happiness. The ultimate goal of the living entities is to return back home,, back to Godhead, to join the eternal service to the Lord.


The Lord resides eternally in His abode, yet He can be approachedl from this world, and to this end the Lord comes to manifest Hiis real form, sac-cid-ananda-vigraha. When He manifests thhis form, there is no need for our imagining what He looks like. To discourage such imaginative speculation, He descends amd exhibits Himself as He is, as Shyamasundara. Unfortunateely, the less intelligent deride Him because He comes as osne of us and plays with us as a human being. But because of tthis we should not consider the Lord one of us. It is by His omnnipotency that He presents Himself in His real form before us arnd displays His pastimes, which are replicas of those Pastimes forand in His abode.bakti rasaa, the mellow relished in the transcendental loving Service of tthe Lord, does not finish with the end of life. It c°ntinues pperpetually and is  therefore  called  'amruta'  that hlch does; not die but exists eternally.   The Bhagavad-gita says that that a little advancement in bhakti-rasa can save the devotee from the greatest danger - that of missing the opportunity for human life. The rasas derived from our feelings in social life, in family life or in the greater family life of altruism, philanthropy, nationalism, socialism, communism, etc., do not guarantee that one's next life will be as a human being. We prepare our next life by our actual activities in the present life. A human being engaged in Krishna consciousness, even if unable to complete the course of bhakti-yoga, takes birth in the higher divisions of human society so that he can automatically further his advancement in Krishna consciousness. For instance, if one has completed 20% purification of heart through bhaktiyoga, one will continue from 21% in next life. Therefore, all bonafide activities in Krishna consciousness are amruta, or permanent. Such a practice of Krishna consciousness will immediately bring one to an auspicious life free from anxieties and will bless one with transcendental existence.