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Serving simply out of love, with no motivation


Selflessness even on the material platform gives us some inner joy, what to speak of selflessness on the spiritual platform!


Story : 'The tender Feelings of Selfless Love'


Once a devotee from Bombay, Sriman Vakreshwar pandit prabhu was traveling by car through a village. Suddenly one of the tyres of the car got punctured. As the sun was about to set, and the repair would take considerable time, the devotee started searching for a place to stay the night. A passing farmer was friendly and kind enough to invite him to his home. The farmer happily accommodated him and gave necessary ingredients for cooking prasadam. The next morning, while taking leave, the devotee, wanting to express his gratitude, took out a hundred-rupee note and offered it to the farmer. The farmer smiled and politely refused to accept it saying, "I should thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve a guest like you. For us guests are like gods. Visit us again." Saying this, he did not accept the money. The devotee insisted, but the farmer with a beaming smile on his face would not accept at all. At last the devotee asked him, "Do you ever come to Bombay for any work?" The farmer in his rustic language replied, "Yes, sometimes when my motor bearings are worn out, I go to the city to buy new bearings." The devotee felt some kind of intimacy when he stared at the innocent, simple, child-like face of the farmer. The devotee took out his visiting card and gave it to him saying, "Okay, when you come to Bombay, please visit me. I will take the opportunity to host you". Then the devotee took leave of him, thanking him once again, and the farmer waved his hands as a sign of a warm send-off, while the car, raising the dust of the village, disappeared in the horizon.


Now ask yourself this simple question: If this devotee had gone to a hotel, had his dinner there and paid the bill at the table, do you think he would have offered his visiting card to the hotel owner with such a loving exchange as seen above in the case of the farmer? No. Because that transaction would have been motivated, not by love, but by business.In the same way, a pure devotee of the Lord does not expect anything in return from the Lord for his loving service. This makes him very close to the heart of the Lord. Ask yourself: Is there not a difference between your mother serving you food and a hotel waiter serving you food? Even if the hotel waiter puts on a big smile while serving you, you know the reason behind his smile. In the same way, the Lord has special appreciation for the pure devotees who serve Him simply out of love, without any other motivations.